Month: February 2017

Non Phonetic Alphabet

A as in Aisle B as in Bdellium (the b is silent) C as in Czar D as in Djinn E as in Eye F as in Felinfoel¬†(Welsh town, pronounced Velinfoe) G as in Gnat H as in Hour I as in Irk (or Ian) J as in Junta K as in Know L as in Llullaillaco (South American volcano pronounced Yu.Yai.Ya.ko) M as in Mnemonic N as in Ndebele O as in One (or indeed Oestrogen or Ouija) P as in Pneumatic (or indeed phonetic) Q as in Quay R as in Rzeznik (the polish pronunciation has a silent R) S as in Szilard (or Sgraffitto) T as in Tzar (it is an added bonus to have one word that represents two letters but if you think that might be confusing somehow you can use Tsunami instead)¬† U as in Urn V as in Veni vidi vici (each word pronounced with a w) W as in Whole X as in Xhosa Y as in Yvonne (or Ylang Ylang) Z as in Zhivago bonus phonetic but confusing A as in H D as in W E as in F, E, M, N or X S as in C (Sea) W and in Y (Why) Y as in U (You)…